Guan Scholarship


The Ai Ling Guan Memorial Scholarship Fund




    • 5月1日以前年龄在12岁~18岁的正在学习中文的学生
    • 从事中文教学的老师和管理人士
    • 美国或者加拿大居民
    • 从未得过此奖的人士


    • 学生: 14人, 每人美金 $500
    • 教师: 3人, 每人美金 $1,000


    • 只接受从网络上申请
    • 申请接受日期: 每年3月1日 ~ 5月1日
    • 结果公布日期: 每年6月1日
    • 结果公布方式: 网站,微信,email,以及各种宣传材料
    • 学生奖金将作为学费的一部分直接支付给下学年要上中文课的学校。如果不再上中文了,或者学习是免费的,此奖金可以作为学费的一部分直接支付给下学年要上的其他课外活动机构
    • 教师奖金将以支票形式直接支付给获奖者


2019评审结果  以及对申请材料进行的分析报告中英文 )

2020 申请准备

March 2020


Scholarship Description

Ms. Ai Ling Guan has taught Chinese for over 30 years in several countries. To commemorate her passion for teaching the Chinese language to both children and adults, her family has set up a scholarship fund to honor those teachers and students engaged in the study of Chinese in the US and Canada.


    • Students: Students aged 12 – 18 on or before May 1st of the year, studying Chinese at school, weekend/evening Chinese school, or via private tutoring
    • Teachers: Teachers of the Chinese language or Chinese school administrators
    • Residing in the US or Canada
    • Applicant has not previously won the award/scholarship


    • Students: 14 winners,     $500 each
    • Teachers:   3 winners, $1,000 each

Application Process (every year)

    • Application open online: March 1st
    • Application due: May 1st
    • Results announcement: June 1st
    • Students: Scholarship will be paid directly to the Chinese school/tutor where the student studies Chinese and will serve as tuition. If she/he studies Chinese primarily at a public or private school, or if she/he does not plan to continue studying Chinese, the scholarship can be forwarded to fund other studies
    • Teachers: Award will be given directly to the winner in the form of a check

2019 Application Results

Application Results

2020 Application Opens in

March 2020

联系方式 Contact us with any questions at

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