2022 Scholarship Application Results

June 1, 2022

2022 marks the fourth year of the Guan Ai Ling Chinese Education Scholarship. Over the past three years, we have received an overwhelmingly positive response from students and educators teaching Chinese from all over the United States and Canada. 

We have been fortunate to sustain and even grow through the pandemic alongside our students and educators, all of whom have adapted to new methods for learning and teaching.

This year’s applicant class is our most diverse ever, coming from a wide range of regions and backgrounds:

  • 80% of applicants were students and 20% were educators.
  • Student applicants come from 4 Canadian provinces and 12 US states.
  • Student applicants range from grades 6 to 12, with the majority in grades 7 to 9.
  • 85% of student applicants study languages other than Chinese and English, including Spanish, French, Latin, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Educator applicants come from 2 Canadian provinces and 11 US states.
  • Educator applicants engage in a variety of education methods including private lessons, weekend Chinese schools, public high schools, university-level teaching, education management, and textbook compilation.

Based on the values of our scholarship – to overcome challenges, to study and apply diligently, and to spread Chinese culture – the team has selected the following winners of the 2022 Guan Ai Ling Chinese Education Scholarship:

14 students, each with a $500 scholarship

NameGradeChinese School/TeacherLocation
刘禹彤 Iris Yu Liu6th密城现代中文学校WI
张天诣 Aaron Zhang7th马里兰州希望中文学校波城校区MD
赵韵晴 Vanessa Chiu8th快明中文学校 Silkway Chinese SchoolBC, Canada
殷倩兮 Lorraine Yin8th美洲中华中学校CA
李枋桧 Fanghui Yoyo Li8th私教老师:Zhang QingCA
唐 瑞 Ray Tang8th石溪中文学校NY
冯承翰 Albert Fung8th酷中文学校NJ
游尚瑞 Melody Joy You9th私教老师: 刘玉华ON, Canada
Jia Yee, Elyse Gellad9thCary Chinese SchoolNC
陶佳雯 Emma Tao9th安多福步步高中文学校MA
严心语 Sophia Yan10th华夏中文学校 – 李文斯顿分校NJ
刘悉悦 Sheryl Liu10th华夏中文学校 – 李文斯顿分校NJ
高郑皓 Zhenghao Gao12th丹佛长城中文学校CO
田获稻 Hugh Tian12th华夏中文学校 – 休斯顿分校TX

3 educators, each with a $1,000 scholarship

Ms. Ma, LingInstructor of Chinese, University of Alabama at BirminghamAL
Mr. Hu, WenzhongTeacher,Ohio Contemporary Chinese School, the Chinese School Association in the United States (CSAUS)OH
Mr. Huang RuimingTeacher, Winchester School of Chinese CultureMA

Some selected award certificates.

Congratulations to all of the winners! The scholarship management team would like to thank all applicants as well as friends and family who have supported them throughout the process.


The team welcomes donations to support this scholarship; all donations are welcome. We currently accept donations via PayPal or Zelle.