The Legacy From My Dear Mom

Julia Hu

I am a living legacy of my mom, Ai Ling Guan 管爱玲. This is because my mom literally dedicated her life to raising her two children. She could have had an amazing career in any field she chose. She demonstrated that in her time at China University of Petroleum 中国石油大学, where she was leading the student government and the entire student body, and where she hosted a radio news show for the school. She was a natural-born leader who was also extremely book smart, street smart, resourceful, and hard-working on top of it all. She was the leader of her family, both in China and in the U.S., and she led her groups of friends in everything, whether it was camping trips in Yosemite National Park or buying new homes for our family. My mom could have easily been on top of the world, but she chose instead to push her gifts to the next generation, to me and my younger brother, James Hu. She was a full-time stay-at-home mom, instilling in us the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, resilience, and love for us to go out into the wild world and treat it as our oyster. This was the greatest gift that my mother left for me, more so than any amount of money or assets. 

This program 管爱玲奖学金 is in memory of Ai Ling Guan and the values that she stood for. It will bestow onto her scholarship winners the resources to approach life boldly and confidently the way that she did. You will have the honor of joining me as one of my mother’s living legacies. 

是我妈妈管爱玲的活遗产。这是因为她本可以在任何一个领域中,做出出色的职业生涯,但我妈妈实实在在地将自己的一生献给了抚养她的两个孩子。在中国石油大学的工作,在那里她领导着学生会和整个学生团体,并在那里主持了学校的广播新闻节目。她是一位天生的领导者,从书本到生活,她博学多才,足智多谋,勤俭持家。无论是组织在优胜美地国家公园露营还是为我们的家庭购置新房,无论在中国和美国,她都带领着各方面的朋友,是他们的核心。我的母亲本来可以轻松地登上世界之巅,但她选择将她的才能送给我和我的弟弟James Hu。她是一位全职妈妈,向我们灌输了求知欲,批判性思维能力,以及进入真实世界要有的应变能力。这是母亲给我的最伟大的礼物,比任何数量的金钱或资产都珍贵。